When authorities declare a Pandemic situation, you, like the rest of the world, are home-bound to help slow the virus. Staying at home is enjoyable for the first few days, but staying on lockdown for many days can drive some crazy. The best way to avoid getting out of your mind during quarantine is to have things to do.Hey, remember that list that you thought you never had time for?!

Here are some exciting activities you can try out if you have to stay at home:

1. Clean up or revamp your house

Staying at home is an opportunity to declutter, clean up, and reorganize your house. You have all the time you have always needed, why not use it to improve your home? A clean and tidy house will also make it enjoyable to stay indoors during quarantine and also to do some work from home. You can take a step further and redecorate the living room and maybe even repaint the bedrooms if you have that kind of resources. To enjoy revamping your house, even more, look for original inspiration online, watch home deco videos on YouTube, and read some blogs.

2. Make a list of things you have always wanted to do

Many people have something they have always wanted to do, but never found the time. Well, now you have it! Make a list of everything you have always wanted to do and the time it would take to get each one of them done. Focusing on trying to achieve some of your long-standing objectives can not only prevent you from going crazy, but be fun!

3. Take a new course to learn new skills or to improve existing skills

During the pandemic lockdown, you can use some of the extra time to educate yourself by learning new skills or by enhancing some of your current skills. Improving yourself can be very useful in getting ahead after the quarantine when things go back to semi-normal. It is also a perfect way to block out crazy thoughts and feelings of doom that invade the mind during a time of isolation.

4. Get into vlogging and blogging

If you are into YouTube videos and reading blogs, you can start your own YouTube channel or create a blog. The contents of your blogging can be anything that you want; The goal is to have fun with it and use it as an outlet to let out steam and learn.

5. Do not be afraid to pamper yourself

It is ok to indulge yourself in hard times. Researches show that doing something pleasant for yourself can be very therapeutic. So if you are stuck at home, take some time every other day- ok, EVERY DAY to pamper yourself. It does not even have to be anything fancy; simple things like taking a bubble bath, surrounding yourself with scented candles can be quiet, relaxing and therapeutic.

6. Make plans for future holidays

When you are stuck at home during a pandemic, you do not have to sit around and worry about the crazy events. Instead, you should do things that give you joy and hope. Start planning for your future holidays; Research on possible destinations and activities which you could do at that destination. The positive feeling that comes from planning the next event can be beneficial in avoiding the feelings of doom, which often accompany a pandemic lockdown.

7. Learn a new language

Another exciting activity you could engage in to stop yourself from going crazy during a pandemic is to learn a new language. If you are going to plan a future holiday or trip, why not just go a step further and also learn the local language of the place you intend to visit?

8. Think of new goals

A pandemic will pass, and life will return to normal or a NEW normal. Take some time to reflect on your goals, what you have achieved, and what you can do better. Come up with new goals and hit the ground running when you are no longer quarantined.

9. Start a new personal project

Having an ongoing project gives people something to look forward. If you are stuck SAFE at home, try to start a new project to provide yourself with some purpose, and stop yourself from going crazy. Craft projects, genealogical tree, pot planting are just a few ideas. Be original in your imagination; you may surprise yourself!

10. Rediscover old forgotten games and TV shows

Being at home is also an excellent opportunity to catch up on some TV shows and rediscover some old and forgotten games that you were once watching or playing. If you are at home with your family you could revisit some classic board games. We love Clue, Scrabble, Settlers and card games. We even did a 2000 piece puzzle.

10 activities to avoid going crazy stuck safe at home