10 questions to find your life's purpose marcielyons.com

I have everything in my life right now that I thought I could ever want, but I feel there is still something missing. That sounds like I’m a completely crazy lady seeing that I have so much. So much, so that others who are minimalists wouldn’t want any part of it. 9 kids (see I told you I have a lot!), a husband, a job or 3 that I love, too many things in my closet and garage to count and a dog that pees on my office carpet thinking it is the greener grass on the other side.

It’s my calling in life that I’m looking for, but why would I be doing that? I’m kinda old and thought I had found my calling in life. I simply wanted to take care of my family and raise healthy, happy, self-sufficient big people. Now that all of my littles are growing up and tell me they can take care of themselves- yes, they are teenagers and older, I feel my calling is changing or lost or gone.

Oh so this is why I am feeling unsettled- I can find a NEW life’s purpose. Oh maybe over time my calling can change? That sounds exciting. I thought once I decided years ago, it was written on the wall in permanent marker. No. I must have reserved the right to change my mind. So I will.

I want to get very clear about this so I have created10 questions to find your life purpose (for right now):

1. What makes me feel alive?

2. What makes me fulfilled?

3. What is something I have always wanted to do, even if I didn’t think it was possible?

4. Can I have an open mind and get still enough to listen?

5. Can I push past my fears?

6. Will I let go of old beliefs?

7. Can I let myself be uncomfortable getting where I need to go?

8. Can Igo from wanting to change my life to do it?

9. Can I follow my gut no matter what others tell me?

10. Is it more painful to stay where I am today or to move forward?

Those are some tough questions. I feel that life has been preparing me to do this for quite a while. I think I’m on my way to finding my NEW life’s purpose.