7 ideas to make saturday cleaning fun

I have always had Saturday cleaning for my kids. When we became a blended family, this task was much harder. I was put on the BAD list of all of our 7 kids living at home, immediately. Before it was do it or die. Now I had to be all nice and stuff. My lists started to become much smaller and I would try to change it up and be all creative and fun.

Let’s see… I tried 7 ideas To Make Saturday Cleaning Fun … (for who?!)

1. Putting all the chores in a bowl and they got to choose them. Then go do them! SO fun! Yeah- right?!

2. RED ALERT – They would have to, I mean GET TO do all their jobs as fast as they could- like in 15 minutes then we would go get a treat. Hey, maybe I should try this one today because I feel like a Sugar Cookie from SWIG!

3. I gave a list to the kids and they had to clean their sibling’s room- it made it more exciting- right? Yes! Rachelle found Amy’s journal!

4. I made a list where one week we deep cleaned the kitchen, the next week the bathrooms, etc. It was nice but the house seemed to suffer more. One week it was so funny we were all hand washing the wood floor in the kitchen and Madie said, “So this is how Cinderella felt!” Yes, I am the wicked Step-monster, I mean stepmother!

5. I tried having the kids make their own lists and do them. They thought this was fun! (Put away one thing in your room!) Don’t try this- it doesn’t work.

6. We have done Weekend Chores. Do them anytime during the entire weekend. You have 36 hours to complete them. BUT to eat dinner on Sunday night they had to have a golden ticket (list complete). This taught them all how to procrastinate.

7. Now we have a Saturday Cleaning Calendar. It has worked this whole year. Probably because I’m too tired now to be all fun and change it up. I have the printable below. What I have done is made a weekly chore list of things they do each Saturday. Then below there are rotating chores. Depending on which Saturday it is in the month, they do that chore. So, if it is the 3rd Saturday of the month, they complete number 3. I hung this up on the back of the door in each bathroom. Every Saturday they know exactly what to do before they go have fun and I don’t have to worry about making a new chore list.

Saturday Cleaning 

From what I have learned we have to change and adapt often in every aspect of our life. Life’s a dance, we learn as we go…

Printable Saturday Cleaning Calendar. There are two to choose from. Different designs and quote are on the bottom.

Saturday Cleaning Calendar Saturday Cleaning Calendar

You know what- they still didn’t want to do it! I know, imagine that.

first published on 3/26/15