A Different Perspective Watching The Same Game | marcielyons.com


Are we watching the same game? I look behind me at the sports commentator who is in the broadcasting box to see if he is really announcing the same soccer game as I’m watching. Are you kidding me? He really is. I am not seeing this game at all like he is. I keep turning around to watch what he is doing- sure enough, he’s doing his job!

This hit me like a ton of bricks- this is how life is! We are both here watching this game in the same stadium, same 22 girls on the field, but we both have COMPLETELY different perspectives.

He is seeing things I have never thought of and words I don’t even know. I have been watching my kids play soccer now for 20 years, but I don’t know the knowledge of the field as he does. What in the world is a scissor kick!?

But he is not seeing the girls as I know them. I have seen most of these girls play together for over 10 years. I know Madie L from Madie S from their ponytail- even though they look almost exactly the same on the field and play the same position. I can guess pretty well what Rachel is going to do with the ball when she gets it and who she is most comfortable passing to.

Madie Lyons BYU soccer

It is happening play-by-play right in front of us and we are both processing it so individually! Is one of us wrong on how we are seeing this game? No, just DIFFERENT. The coach is probably seeing a completely “different” game, too!

This all makes so much sense now in real life! I can be in the same situation as my husband or kids and when they explain it to someone else it sounds completely different than how I saw it. I thought they were wrong, but now I get it! All of us are looking at life from how life has played out in our own lives. We don’t see things the way others see them because we haven’t walked in their shoes. This ah-ha makes me less judgmental and that is always a good thing. We may be watching the same game but running a different race.