When I was a teen our home was hit by lightning. I was inside and heard the intensebang, then watched the hair on my arms stand up on end! There was an interesting fragrance like something was roasting. My heart was racing and there was an eerie feeling with a strange energy. I had never felt anything like this before- all of my senses were going crazy. Shocked, I ran down my hall and passed my little brother. He said he saw a light going through the hallway. We checked the house and everything and everyone was fine. It was unusual because it wasn’t that stormy outside, but the lightning had found our home. This lightning bolt could have had a completely different outcome to our home and family.I realized then and have never forgotten how powerful Mother Nature is.


In my life I have had times that have shocked me to the core. A jolt that has to make a change. Just like with the lightning- when my heart skipped a beat, it was put on a new path. When you encounter something like this, it can be a life-changer.

When I was 40 it felt like I was hit by lightning again. This time it was much harder and again my senses and emotions were going crazy. The big bang this time was in my heart. I heard my phone ring and was told my husband wasn’t coming home. The hair on my arms stood up as shock ran through my skin, my stomach turned for days and the smell of my husbands body in the casket was the smell of death- one I will never forget. Again a thunderbolt made me realize I was not always in control of what happens around me. It’s the nature of life. Death jolted me-it put me on a new path. An unusual one I never expected.

That jolt bumped me to a new life. I feel like I have a second chance to live! I have a new life to love more deeply and never take things for granted. Ifeel lucky– like being hit by lightning a couple of times and living through it! I have been up close and personal with change. Things I thought were obstacles bumped me onto the correct path and taught me to be strong and live life to the fullest everyday. I am more aware and absolutely love life. Without a lightning bolt, I would have never known the impact from the forces of nature, life changes and the incredible beating of a heart.