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Telling a child that a loved one has passed away is an incredibly difficult and delicate task. It’s natural for parents and caregivers to want to shield children from pain, but it’s important to approach the situation with honesty, empathy, and reassurance. Here are some guidelines for discussing the loss of a loved one with […]

I have done this every year since 2017 and it’s awesome… After setting myself up for failure every year by having a LONG list of goals, I decided for 2017 that I would have one goal. Ok- make it even easier. NEW YEAR’S GOALS: Choose A WORD instead of a list of goals! It worked […]

I was listening to Tony Robbins and he says, “Where focus goes, energy flows”. It’s true if I really think about it. So how do I change my energy so it goes where I want it? Some days I get stuck in the mundane and have a “just get through today” attitude. SO how do […]

A common question is asked in my widow groups, “Is it possible to love again?” It’s a good question because most people put all the love they have into their spouse,then when that person is gone, the love feels lost.This can happen with a divorce, too. It seems the heart may be broken forever. Well […]

I HAVE BEEN ASKED, “What are some good gift ideas for a child who has lost a loved one?”  I have a bunch of meaningful gifts for you to consider… . BOOK: THE MEMORY BOX . FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS BLANKET . BOOK: HEAVEN IS FOR REAL . REMEMBRANCE PLUSH STUFFED ANIMAL . REMEMBRANCE BRACELET […]

  I make this recipe for Halloween night at our home. We put it in bread bowls or small pumpkins that I have cleaned out. This is one of my fav’s– from my kitchen to yours- ENJOY! EASY Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe 6 cups water 2 tsp chicken soup base 2 cups cooked chicken […]

I HAVE CATEGORIZED LIFE INTO 10 KEY AREAS: Health & Fitness Personal Growth Spiritual Fun Friends Romance Family Give Finance Career It’s difficult to balance all of them (probably impossible!) What I have decided is if I am aware of the categories and where I want to put my time and effort, it makes it […]

When do I take off my wedding ring? This is the question I see the most. The answer may seem simple, but there are so many dimensions to this- just like a diamond. Everyone feels differently about who should wear a wedding ring, where they should wear it and for how long. Just like grieving […]

Right after your loved one has passed there is a lot to do. Here is a list of things to get done. THINGS TO DO IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR LOVED ONE PASSES AWAY: Contact the city or town for opening and closing the grave Obituary notice Gather program info Contact church officials for service time, etc. […]

I know it’s so awkward when someone passes away and you don’t know what to say. When I became a widow, I told people I didn’t care if they said something dumb- I would rather have them talk to me than ignore me. I had to realize most people have not been in my position […]

It’s common for people to ask, “How are you?” But when you are a new widow, sometimes it is hard to know what to say back. Are they really wondering- an actual interest, or is it just what people say as a greeting? Answering the question, “How are you?” … First thing is to figure […]

These are some of the Funeral Service Details you may be asked to plan. It helped me to have a time where there was a little peace and quiet to think through these things. So if you have anyone asking what you can do- have them help make space to clear your head and mind […]