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I found a secret ingredient for cookies that I’m excited to tell you about. I added it to my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe and it turned out fabulous! SOFT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPE: 1 cup butter or shortening 1/2 cup sugar 3/4 cup brown sugar – yes you can keep your brown sugar […]

  This recipe goes wayyyy back in our family! Enjoy!   Yogurt Pancakes 2 eggs 1/4 cup sugar 1 1/2 cup flour (I use 1/2 wheat flour) 1 1/2 tsp soda 1 tsp salt 1/4 cup oil 1 tsp vanilla 1 1/4 cup water 1 cup plain yogurt (I use vanilla yogurt and omit vanilla) […]

  My husband and I both had our spouses pass away before we met. While we were dating I asked him to tell me about the things people gave him or did for him when his wife passed away that were meaningful. I noticed that some of the things I really appreciated were completely different […]

After 14 years of blending families, 88% of our kids still talk to us. That’s a B+ and I guess I can be pretty happy with that.What brought this to my attention is a friend who is new at blending a family. He now has a bunch of kids trying to figure out how to […]

An oldie but goodie for sure! I love to listen to Whitney Houston- what an incredible voice! This song hits home whenever I hear it. Did you know Dolly Parton wrote this?! “Bittersweet memories, that is all I’m taking with me.” Enjoy this one! Listen to the song Lyrics: I Will Always Love You by Whitney […]

I’ve heard this a few times before, “She got lucky!” or “How do I get your gig?” Well, work your butt off is the answer. Nope! There is no “overnight sensation” in business. It takes a lot of work, failing, looking at things from a different perspective, passion and maybe a sprinkle of luck.People often […]

Instead of “Kids say the darndest things!” I would like to change it to, Adults say the darndest things to a child after a death of a parent. I assume people are doing the best that they know how, so if we teach them to be aware of what to say and why things should […]

  I make this recipe for Halloween night at our home. We put it in bread bowls or small pumpkins that I have cleaned out. This is one of my fav’s– from my kitchen to yours- ENJOY! EASY Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe 6 cups water 2 tsp chicken soup base 2 cups cooked chicken […]

Since I was four years old I had always wanted to adopt a baby with dark skin. Anytime I went out of the country- to Mexico and Asia- I would go crazy over these little kids. Oh my gosh, they’re so cute! I remember telling my grandpa that I was going to adopt a black […]

More often than not when I ask how someone is doing they say, “BUSY.” Hmm, interesting. Is that a good thing? Or is that the thing to say? Or is everyone stressed out? Answering this question like everyone else is, (oh the other half say they are fine), it is getting rather boring. Why not […]

My new widow friend just called me and said “He passed away! What do I do with his things?” Ouch. That hurts my heart because I remember going through this myself. I didn’t do anything with most of it until more than a year after his passing. His office, closet, and bathroom were the hardest […]

“Yesterday” by Leona Lewis Such a good reminder that there are special things that nobody can ever take away ~ The memories you have with your loved one who has passed away! . I just can’t believe you’re gone Still waiting for morning to come Wanna see if the sun will rise even without you […]

I love this in the morning with granola or in the afternoon when I’m craving my 4:00 sugar rush snack! It’s so easy to make yourself- no need to buy one from a store. Blend: 3 cups of your favorite juice (mango, guava, apple, dragon fruit, etc) 2 cups of your favorite frozen fruits (mango, […]

SONG: Angel by Natasha Bedingfield I believe your loved ones are right beside you… LYRICS: A-N-G-E-LA-N-G-E-L Just like a shadowI’ll be beside youI’ll be your comfortAnd let it guide you homeI will provide you a place of shelterI wanna be your zoneTell me what to doTell me what you wanted me to doI’ll make you […]

Oh, this song will get me every time! I’m sure most of us have wished we had just a few moments again with a loved one who has passed. This song pretty much sums up all of those thoughts. One More Day ~by Diamond Rio Last night I had a crazy dream A wish was […]