I can do hard things

OCT 25, 2008

We had our ups and downs this week. But I’m not on the rollercoaster anymore – remember I jumped off! Everyone is back in school now which is good for all of us!! Except it was hard to get everyone up after the UEA vacation. Jeremy tried to fake sick on Tuesday, but I told him to quit faking it, get up and go and he did! That was pretty funny! I really wasn’t sure if he was sick:) I have really enjoyed cleaning my house this week. I am doing fall cleaning and going through every drawer, cupboard, and closet in my home. I put a lot of Jay’s pictures away and in his closet because it was too overwhelming to have so much of it all over my home. The gym is where I have so much support. I have so many friends there that tell me to keep being strong. Today when I was crying, Rachelle read me my favorite fairytale, Cinderella, while Melissa held me. Melissa asked if I needed her to sleep with me and I cried more. My 2 cute angels sent to comfort me! I am also grateful for a loving bishop and his wife that drop everything to come over at a moments notice. I CAN DO HARD THINGS! This is my motto this week. We have our hard times, but we will survive and be stronger. I am surprised that we still have 4 living frogs and 1 lizard. We almost lost one behind the filing cabinet while Nati had one in the office for a few minutes, so I don’t know what the poor animals are going through when I’m not looking! 🙂

My office is looking so much better now – I can even see the carpet!!

Tara and Nate said…
Tara and I really enjoy reading your blog to keep us updated on how you are doing. We think about you often and your family and you are always in our prayers.

Nate and Tara Gardner

Adam & Alissa said…
You don’t know me but I married Austin’s brother and have kept up on your story through Andrea. You are such an amazing woman with an adorable family! Your strength is amazing and you are such an example.

” Sometimes God calms the storm… Sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms His child.”

Although our trial this past year with my husband fighting cancer is not at the same level of your pain and loss, I know that through the hard times there were angels helping us through! I am glad you have your sweet girls! “With God all things are possible” What comfort that is!

Keep the Faith, Continue to be strong!

Our prayers are with you and your family!


Anjee said…
I feel the spirit just reading your blog. It reminds me of why I look up to you and love you so much. Heavenly Father has so much faith in you to expect so much from you in your earthly life. I know he has great blessings and happiness in store for you and your beautiful children. Keep being strong my cute friend. You are a rock! Jay was right. I love you and I’m here for you and so are so many others, as you already know.
the Roberson family said…
I’m so grateful for any opportunity that comes my way to spend time with you. Thank you for inviting me into your life. I love you and your wonderful little family and want you to know that I always will. Love, Ali
Brandon and Lindsay said…
I’m glad you have your cute little angels there to comfort you too. That is SO sweet. I know you and your cute family have so many good and happy things in store! You’re awesome Marc. We both love you so much and are glad to hear you guys are doing better! Hope to see you soon!
Courtnie said…
Marcie! I am so glad that you started a blog. I didn’t want to lose touch when we moved. Email me and I will invite you to our blog. You are such a rock and I look up to you so much! Hope to see you soon!
Tami said…
I am so glad you joined the blogging world. It is a good outlet and we all benefit from your posts. I hope you guys are all doing well. Yes. We need to get the girls together. Love you. Tami
Joe and Julianne said…
I love reading your blog and keep emailing Riley’s letters. You have a great family!