Do These 7 Frozen Food Tips To Save Time And Money!

Do these 7 frozen food tips to save time and money!

  1. In the summer when you have a bunch of fresh veggies that are not going to be used, freeze them for soups in the fall and winter. Sometimes I will wash, chop, and prepare them before freezing so I can drop what’s inside the bag into the water and it creates such a fresh, easy meal. Veggies will last up to a year in the freezer.
  2. Do the same with fresh fruit and add it into smoothies. Bananas, berries, watermelon and grapes are some of my favorites. frozen berries
  3. Need to get ice cream to a party or somewhere else that is more than a few minutes away? Are you worried about it thawing and melting all over the place before you get there? Wrap it in bubble wrap and it keeps it from melting quickly!
  4. Freeze your ginger root. Place in a baggie or container and place in the freezer. Now you won’t have it dwindling on your countertop or fridge!
  5. Vegetable broth can be made while cooking your veggies. Freeze it afterward to add to soups, rice or casseroles that call for water or broth.
  6. If you want to make smaller meals and have leftover sauce such as pasta sauce, freeze it in an ice cube tray. Now the cubes can be quickly added to a pasta dish.
  7. This is probably my all-time favorite tip! I used to get frustrated that my brown sugar would get hard and no matter what I did I couldn’t keep it fresh. I tried putting it in Tupperware or in an extra Ziploc bag but it didn’t work well. Then I learned my favorite trick of all time- PUT THE BROWN SUGAR IN THE FREEZER. I put the bag of brown sugar in a ziploc right into the freezer. It only takes a minute or two to thaw enough to measure out or to add it to the top of oatmeal. And it is always soft after it thaws! No more spending money on brown sugar to replace hard bags of it! Horray!