don't drop your weights

Nov 1, 2008

I made it through October! One big holiday down! I told my brother I was hanging in there with a big fat smile, whether I liked it or not. This is what I tell my kids to do, too.
This was a fun week. On Sunday I met with a member of our stake presidency. He was Jay’s favorite person on earth besides our family. He is the greatest person and I always leave feeling like I want to be better. He told me that he was at a football game and a player got hit really hard and obviously had a concussion and he was walking over to the sidelines like he had no idea where or who he was. President Ludwig yelled out through the crowd, “You’re in Salt Lake!” He told me that this is how I am. I have been hit hard and am still trying to figure out where I am. Later that day he came to our Sacrament Meeting and I held up a sign that said, “I am in Salt Lake!” He laughed. I have been reading Job in the Bible and I told my Stake President and Bishop that I do not like reading Job. One night I sat there and read the whole rest of it so I would be done! But it ends well. My favorite part was Job 42:12 “So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning.”
We had our extended FHE at Tami’s home. This is all of Jay’s siblings and their families and Jay’s parents, about 20 of us. We do this once a month. We had Cafe Rio then Rachelle, who is my eight-year-old, was in charge of family night. She planned it all by herself and it was so cute. She had the little girls sing a primary song, Natalie said the prayer and then Rachelle gave us a lesson on obeying our mom. Then she had us learn a Halloween song and we played Halloween Bingo. I loved it!
I met with a life coach this week and that was really great. It helped clear my mind.
Wednesday I had a hard morning and I went to the gym. I cried in class but luckily Tiffany and Rachel were there to hug me. I never know when I am going to fall apart- thanks for being there for me!! During class, I wanted so much to drop my weights or trade them in for lighter ones, but I won’t get stronger if I do that. I thought this is so much like my life right now! I really want to drop the weights, but I can’t and I won’t! I’m getting stronger!
That night I decided that I have all the power. I am in control. That feels so great!
The holidays are hard, but I love Halloween! It is the only day you can be somebody else! The morning was difficult but the evening was better. Thanks, Andersons for having us over for the night. I was thinking that I am really having great blessings through this tough time. We are getting to know our friends and family so much better. It is so fun! The kids each chose 20 treats from their trick-or-treat bag and I bought the rest of the candy from them and the girls bought a latch hook kit and Jeremy an iTunes card 🙂
I asked Melissa if she can quickly get dressed the other day and she said, “Ok, my love bug!” She is so cute. That reminded me when Jeremy was little he thought his name was ‘Hurry’ !! He also thought Natalie’s name was ‘Pretty’. That’s what we called her.
Everyone asks me when the hardest part of my day is. It’s morning. I wake up and realize I have to do this all again. All by myself.
One of the many dumb things I said this week: I was at the gym and saw my cute 77-year-old friend there and he was in his street clothes and I said, “Hey, Bruce, I’ve never seen you with your clothes on!” The lady behind the desk sure got a great laugh!
Did you know that a piece of cheesecake with no topping has 1000 calories and 100 grams of fat! Wow! That makes for a long ride on the bike the next day or just don’t eat it 🙂


I love reading your blog! You are a tough cookie. And I mean that not just because you work out and carry a gun!
We love you, Marcie. I am so glad Jared is your Home Teacher again. I hope you will call us when you need help.
Heather & Jon said…
Yeah… I’m so happy I got a personal shout out! I’m working on Clooney for you…;) And I think you need to tell me your workout regimen so I can look like you!
the Roberson family said…
I love the costumes and I am glad you got to get dressed up and pretend even for a moment to be somebody else. I love the idea of having family home evening with extended family, my sister and I are trying to get that going in my family. Hang in there– you’re a lot tougher than you know and you’re the example that many of us need. Love you. Ali
Halloween is really so fun!! You look goo ooo ood!!! It was fun to see all you guys – and all the kids’ costumes look great. What was Jer Bear????
I wanted to drop my weights too that day – it was tough, but we are stronger for hangin in there, even if we can’t move the next day. You are so strong and your hugs help me as much as mine help you – that’s what friends are for. Love Ya and I’ll see you at the gym!
I didn’t realize you had updated your blog because the family picture was at the top. I thought that was your latest post, which I saw a while ago. Anyway, thanks for sharing your feelings with all of us, I like how random it is and how much insight into your strong personality we get to see.
Hey Marcie, I really love reading your Blog. I hope you don’t mind. You are truly inspiring and stronger then you will ever know. You need to let Melissa come over and play once in a while Avery is always looking for someone to play. Your family is so sweet.
I’m with Ange–you looks sooo good! You’re the sexiest little cowgirl I’ve ever seen =) I’m glad you guys came to Gracie’s birthday party! It was so fun seeing you all in your costumes (I know, we’re losers for not dressing up) Hope to see you and your cute fam soon! Love ya!
Marcie! I’m so glad that you are doing a blog. I’m sure it helps you to put your thoughts into writing… but you probably have no idea what an example and a source of strength you are to me! I have always thought you were amazing! From serving with you in the primary presidency… to knowing you as a friend and neighbor… and especially now. You have an inner light that shines SO bright! I love you a lot! Please call on me if you ever need anything! And thanks again for keeping such a beautiful blog! Your sweet family is absolutely amazing! Every single one of you! Love ya!