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November 8, 2008

I didn’t realize election day would be hard. Things come up each week that make me realize Jay really is gone and in ways that are totally unexpected! He loved election day and would watch the news all day long. He would always drag me to vote – so this year I didn’t even go! That’s a weird way to rebel now that I think about it. I am learning trust and patience this week. I don’t want to learn trust and especially patience!

Do you know that George and I share the same birthday? That has to mean something!

I worked 4 days this week, so that keeps me busy – well too busy some days when I don’t ever sit down unless I am in the car or eating dinner or getting in bed at night. But I love work.
Oh my gosh, it snowed here in Utah on Wednesday! Am I ready for this?
The health tip of the week is let it go to waste (especially the old Halloween candy) instead of letting it go to your waist. Sometimes when I look at dessert I think, “Do I really want to work that off tomorrow?” Sometimes the answer is YES!
We had a parent-teacher conference this week and after Amy’s, she cried and was sad her grades weren’t as good as her friends. I told her, “Amy, their dads didn’t die. Yours did. You are doing the best you can and that is all that matters. Just try your best. I don’t care what your grades are!” I didn’t even realize before this that she was worried. She is used to getting straight A’s. Her friend asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said she wanted her dad back. That hurts my heart more than anything! What do I say to that? That’s something I can’t give her.
Rachelle and Jeremy are the sensitive ones that seem to worry the most. I have to tell them so often, “DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF !” So that is our motto this week. Through this chaos, I have really learned that there are some things you just can’t worry about. So don’t! Another thing I have learned through going through this is not to judge people. I have no idea what they have been through and are going through. I have so much empathy for people. I also understand how people get addicted to something when hard things happen because it hurts so much. They would do anything not to feel the pain. I’m so grateful for my kids that make me want to be better and I have something – well 6 things to live great for!
Friday morning was hard and I got up and held each of my kids and cried. I thought it was great that I heard from almost every brother and brother-in-law on Friday when I really needed that support. They must all be listening. Way to go men!
Hug your kids and spouse a little tighter tonight. You never know when something is going to change forever!

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Mhea said…

Wow.. Marcie.. your family is like a mirror image of mine. My mom was killed on May 30, 2008, in a car collision. I’m the eldest of five kids, and now my dad has to take over being both mom and dad. Little things like the election make him break down, and we are just trying to get my little sister to pass school, let alone get decent grades. I love reading your blog.. It’s like all the feelings I can’t make myself accept, you have written down. I found myself crying last night reading your blog, and I haven’t cried that much at all concerning my mom.. I’ve had to step up and be strong. Thank you.. and keep on. Know that you’ve made a difference in this girl’s life.


Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. Reading that kind of stuff breaks my heart, but I learn so much from just reading your blog – it makes me want to be better. I love all of you guys. When are you coming over again??? Or when shall we be coming over there??


Marcie, I still think about and pray for you often. Thank you for the good advice from your blog, you are one smart lady!

the Roberson family said…

Marcie- I love you. It’s amazing to me how much you are teaching me about life and not taking my family for granted. I love your kids and can’t wait to hug them again. I am dying to see you and spend time with you. I think about you every day and always keep you close to my heart. Love, Ali