Yeah! My favorite time of year is here. I love my country and am so grateful to live in America. The 4th of July is also my Dad’s birthday, so let the party begin!

This is what I’m bringing and it’s easy enough to let the kids help…Easy red white & blue chocolate-covered strawberries:

1.Buy White Almond Bark (super easy to use!) It is found by the chocolate chips and SO YUMMY!

Almond Bark

2.Melt a few squares with a tsp. of shortening and dip the strawberries in it.

3.Next dip in a bowl of colored sugar.

4.Let dry on waxed paper.

chocolate covered strawberries


We had so much fun, we started chocolate dipping anything we could find; pretzels, oreos, graham crackers… We just added a red-colored sugar.

What are you making for your 4th of July treats?

Happy 4th of JULY!