I was listening to the audiobook THRIVE, by Ariana Huffington and she was talking about what people say in eulogies. Interesting to think about. Usually, the talk is not about how much money they made, the big toys they had, or how they had to go over the report one more time and missed their son’s baseball game. It is more about the feelings and emotions you have with those who are gone and the memories you made, the time you spent together, the small things they did, and what they gave.

When I read this, I realize that I am always looking to accomplish something. I have a manufacturing background and it’s all about how much I can get done in the smallest amount of time. Everything is very well thought out, organized, and very efficient. I am always looking for a way to save time, money, and space. It’s a numbers game and I forget to turn it off when I am home.

What do I want to be remembered as? Someone who worked all the time, was efficient, and in a hurry? No, so I am changing it. Or learning to. It is really hard for me to sit and do nothing. A busybody, as some people describe me. I decided when my kids get home from school I am going to sit with them in the kitchen and talk to them about their day. I did this yesterday and was laughing- 3 girls all trying to get in their words louder or before the other ones. I listened for about 15 minutes and wow, they all had a lot to say. Then it was over just like that they left for their bedrooms and I didn’t see them until dinner. There is only a small space in time that they even want to talk, so I better take advantage of it.

I loved this book. Here is a link to the book Thrive by Ariana Huffington on AMAZON:


thrive by arianna huffington

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