Everyone Is Doing The Best They Can With The Tools They Have Been Given | MarcieLyons.com

After listening to a lot of Brene Brown and Maya Angelou, I created a phrase that has changed the way I look at just about everything. It gives me and everyone else a lot of GRACE! It is I assume that… 

Everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have been given.

I really believe that people are inherently good. I think almost everyone is truly doing the best they can. We have no idea what has happened in their life to make them the person they are today and we don’t even need to judge it. I have thought about this a ton. I like to look at the extremes to see if beliefs or statements could be true. So I think of a guy in prison. Maybe he stole something or hurt someone. How do you think he was raised? What circumstances did he live in? What could have happened to put him in the position he is in? Do I think he is bad all the time? How is his mental health? What personality traits were they given? I’ll give him grace and assume that he may not have been given very many tools to make good decisions. Heck, I make crappy decisions and my parents were awesome when raising me. Now think about a really amazing person you know. Ask those same questions- how were they raised? Are they perfect all the time? Nobody is so they are doing the best they can in their own circumstances with the tools they have been given or taught.

People also have a choice, but nobody is perfect in making choices all the time either. That’s why we are here on earth to make choices and to experience this life we have been given.

Try adding this statement to your life. It has changed my life for the better and using it helps me to create a better version of myself- well that’s my goal!

choose to believe everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have been given