My whole life can be summarized by what I learned at the gym. I heard these things over and over until I believed them, then I got to use them in my everyday life!


It’s only one minute of your life- work it!

I am grateful that my body can work out- so I will.

There is something waiting for you at the top of the hill. What is your dream and what do you want to accomplish?

Look what I can do, Mom! The confidence boost is incredible!

There is a gift in discipline. Small changes add up.

If your mom was watching you right now would she be concerned- put on that smile!

Have a goal today. When you try- you have done so much more than if you wouldn’t have thought through this.

Enjoy those endorphins that make you feel good all day!

What are you learning about yourself today?

Yes, I care about my health! Lead by example.

I have earned the reward of whatever I want- ice cream, cheeseburger! My reward meal with NO GUILT.

Keep going. Push past the pain. There is good ahead. Once I do it, I feel empowered and know I can do so much more than I ever thought I could – at the gym and in my life!

I can change my habits one second at a time.

Working out makes me happy. I am creating a better life for myself. Give yourself the gift of time for yourself.


original 3/16/15