Fitness After Loss

After the loss of a loved one or any big change, fitness may change as well.

Why in the world would I talk about fitness when it’s hard to just get out of bed? There are huge benefits of exercise for the mind and body.

When people get hurt they do physical therapy as soon as possible. This movement helps them mentally and physically. Maybe we should do the same after a big change such as a loss? WHY?


When you do some form of physical activity, your body releases a chemical called endorphins. These endorphins improve your mental outlook which can change everything. It improves your mood and self-confidence.


Improves general health. Prevents disease and aging. Provides more bone density. Promotes sleep – yes! Helps to lower fat, and build more muscle.

***Remember this is like healing after an accident. Your heart has been severely damaged. You have to go slowly, but consistently. Be patient and kind to yourself.

I learned to listen to my body. In the beginning, after my husband passed, I was working out about 3 hours a day to do something with the weird energy I had inside. But then I had to begin to listen. If I was sick or having a hard day I took my work out to a lower level. This will lessen the risk of injury. I had to think, “This is what is best for me today.” If you have pain, stop. If you push yourself too hard you may have burnout, and you still want to exercise, so just take your exercise back a couple of notches. Take a walk!

I was doing yoga about 5 times a week for 30-60 minutes each day. I started to really listen to what I was craving hamburger and salad most of the time. I knew it was what my body needed at that time. So if you are craving things, eat what you are craving (no, not chocolate or Oreo shakes like I crave every day at 4:00 pm.) I bet if you are working out a lot it will be meat or protein because that’s what rebuilds the muscles that you are tearing while working out to become stronger. The veggies have many of the vitamins my body needed to be healthy and that’s why I believe I was craving salad. Please drink lots of water and become aware of what you are feeling mentally and physically. I try to step back and look at myself as if I were a doctor or a caregiver, not myself and do what I think a doctor should suggest for me.

Your body is an amazing machine. Yes, everyone is different, but it adapts to its surroundings. Decide what is best for you and go get it- your body will support you if you are consistent and make your body a priority.

The main thing is to be kind to yourself. The way I do this is to think how my mom would treat me if she were here this very minute, and treat myself like that.

Every day is different, and every night I slept differently. So watch and learn from your body. It has a lot of amazing secrets if you will take the time to observe and then give yourself what you really need.