Friend's Christmas Gifrt Idea

What are your kids going to give their friends and teachers this year for the holiday? Rachelle created these cute chocolate spoons to add to hot cocoa mugs. It’s easy– you may want to try it!

chocolate spoons and mug

This is how to make chocolate spoons & hot cocoa mugs for presents…

STEP 1: Buy ALMOND BARK. The best thing ever- and easy too! I have seen it in white and brown chocolate. It is usually by the nuts, chocolate chips in the grocery store.


STEP 2. I don’t use Crisco very much anymore, but it works well for this. You could use butter, but it colors the white chocolate a little yellow. It makes the bark easier to dip.


STEP 3. I start with about 2 squares of Almond Bark and 1 tsp. Crisco. Microwave for 20-30 seconds. Do notovercook. It will look like it’snot done because the squares magically stay square! But stir it up!


STEP 4. Dip plastic spoons into chocolate, then quickly sprinkle with colored sugar. Place on wax paper to dry.



(Or you can set them out in a container for your family to use for hot chocolate or to satisfy my 4:00 pmchocolate craving!)

STEP 5. Wrap and GIVE!– Put a chocolatespoon in the mugwith a packet of Hot Cocoa Mix. They can stir their hot cocoa with their chocolate spoon for a fun, yummy taste!

Easy and so darling!