Fun activities practicing morphology

Do you know that there is a science about shape? Yes! MORPHOLOGY is the study of shape, size, and texture of physical objects.

Kids are more focused with hands-on play and it also helps with fine motor skills, so let's do some fun activities practicing morphology today!

What shapes can you make with sugar cubes? They come in white and brown, so you can get creative.

Here are some ideas€¦ SUGAR CUBE PYRAMID or IGLOO.

You can just stack them or hot glue them.

Kids love to stack things. This is Logan stacking Solar Dough. He did it for hours! He's stacking the cups on top of each other and knocking them down. This is a great way to study shape and how things work together. You can even learn about GRAVITY!

Shaping Mood Mudd with Charlotte and Christian

Look for opportunities for learning and ways to BOOST YOUR BRAIN POWER by morphology!