For a few years after my husband’s death I felt like I was sitting on the sidelines watching life pass me by. Grief does interesting things to you and I knew I had to be really patient with myself. It was ok to nurse my wounds for a little bit and get healthy within ( I had to do tons of healing and read over 100 books on self help), but now it was time to get back in the game.

I also knew getting back in the game meant my heart could get hurt again. But I decided it was worth it. I would rather have the chance at loving again then to be by myself for the rest of my life.

So I jumped back in the game. The heart is really impressive. I was worried because I had felt betrayed and hurt before, why would I want to do this again? But I went for it – ALL IN!

I am so glad I did because I found the most incredible man ever. He has been so patient with me for years. He is a great listener and that is what I needed for years and more years. Now that this part of the grieving is moving forward, I can get even deeper into the game of life. I have learned from my past and am ready for my future with this new man.

Lets GO!!!