gift ideas for anyone who has lost a loved one

Gift Ideas For Anyone Who Has Lost A Loved One:

Flowers seem to be the traditional gift when someone loses a loved one. I liked receiving them, but it hurt in a weird way when they, too, died. So I thought I would tell you a few gifts I really appreciated when I lost my husband. I also added ideas I have heard over the years as exceptional gift ideas…

**Please note going out in public is very difficult the first few months, so giving them items that make staying home possible is appreciated. Trying to get them out of the house for fun or a lunch date may be difficult for them, so that may be something to consider later in the grieving process.

gift basket




Bath gift set / soft robe

Body pillow

Stuffed animal

Books / Audible / Kindle

Laundry basket full of essentials (toilet paper, paper plates, plastic utensils, laundry detergent)

Gift basket with food for a meal or frozen meals



Yard care



Healthy foods/snacks

Note with memories of your loved one



amazon car wash restaurant massage manicure/pedicure Costco/ grocery store counseling oil change iTunes gas card cleaning service dog grooming/walking theatre ice cream


figurines, a letter with memories, jewelry, pillows with picture on it, pictures, home decor and the most important a true friend who will listen.

Whatever you do- I know it will be appreciated

spa gift set

Everyone is different, but these are things I personally LOVED… I received really amazing gifts that touched my heart. People were so thoughtful. I loved receiving simple cards with notes about my husband and the sweet things he had done for them. I do not have a green thumb, but I really appreciated plants- so they didn’t die the first few weeks when my heart was so tender- I even have some of them years later. Books were one thing that I didn’t use because I couldn’t concentrate enough to read for the first couple of years- I do enjoy them now, though! The one thing that my kids still use as comfort was a neighbor made a pillow with a picture of my child with their dad so they could hug him whenever they wanted. My favorite thing I received personally was a “relax” basket with a robe, bath items, make-up, lotions, and a massage coupon.