Elisabeth Kugler-Ross was the pioneer of the grief stages and had a theory there were 5 stages. I seem to think there are 105. This page has tons of info about the grief journey. I created this in categories so if your brain is working like mine was (barely in first gear) you can figure out a piece at a time. Many of the stages didn't happen for a few months or even years, so you may not be on that part of the path yet! Some of the phases may not even happen- everyone is so different. Lucky me- some stages happened in my life and stayed- such as shock. Years later and I am still actually shocked this happened. This was not how I pictured my fairytale would enfold. But it did, so I’m going to go through each stage to the best of my ability! Some stages have come again and again- Maybe I didn’t master it the first time? Please note you don’t go through the stages in a nice straight line- it’s more like a circle and you bounce back and forth between them like a bouncy elastic ball.

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