growing up with optimism

Growing Up With Optimism- The glass to me is not half-full, it’s full. Feeling that I was born with optimism, mixed with parents that are truly awesome gave me an attitude to get through anything. Without this, I do not know where I would be today.

My mom’s motto is LOOK FOR THE GOOD. What a great thing to hear daily in this world! I’m grateful I was taught this because now I can look at anyone or anything and find something good. My mom also taught me to serve others and is still a great example of that each day.

My dad is a scientist and taught me to experience life. He showed me there are many ways to solve a puzzle. He’s extremely creative and I learned about cause and effect. My dad also said, “Life is not fair.” I didn’t like to hear that, but realized, much to my disappointment, he was probably right.

Growing up was easy. I had brothers and sisters that treated me like a princess. We were not allowed to fight and this is where I learned to write my feelings. I have journaled throughout my life, so a lot of “my story” comes from my personal journals.

Now raising my own children I hope I am raising them to think with optimism. I feel those hard times in life are when we are stretched out of our comfort zone and that’s how we learn and learning is GOOD. SO when you look at life through the FULL glass, everything is good- or can be turned into something good.

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