He thought his name was HURRY

Once in a while, things happen that make me stop in my tracks. Yesterday I went to Rachelle’s bedroom and told her to hurry and clean her room. Instantly I was drawn back 17 years ago…

We were all in the minivan getting ready to go to a violin lesson. Jeremy was 3 years old and I yelled through the house, “Jeremy- let’s go. Come and get in the car.” He did not come, so I went in the house and found him. I said, “Jeremy why didn’t you come when I called you?” He said, “I thought my name was HURRY?” He really did! I had said, “Hurry, we need to do something” way too many times!

I started laughing so hard and realized what is coming out of my mouth! I’m thinking, “Oh-oh, I’m a bad Mom! He thought his name was Hurry!”

I realized that day the way a 3-year-old looks at life. Maybe we should step back and contemplate life from a kid’s point of view! Everything in my life was on a time schedule. Time mattered, not people. Busy busy busy. Where were my priorities? My kids, my schedule? Can’t we just live in the NOW as kids do? Can’t we just slow down and enjoy life a little?

Now fast forward back to Rachelle and I haven’t said, “Hurry, get this done” for a while, but realized sometimes I go back to my old self. Old habits coming back!

This experience made me check my priorities again and bring them all back into balance. Adapt again! Hurry, hurry, hurry- check those priorities 🙂

He thought his name was HURRY!