how do you play? 

So you want to play a little more? Well isn’t that like a child and now we are grown adults? It’s what we were taught to believe (play is for children), but is it good? Should we keep on believing that? Researchers show that playing is essential in all walks of life.

I know some things about play because I own a toy company, but does that mean I am good at it? No, I am not. I just met a person who said, I hear you are good with kids. Hmm, am I? I said, Well I have a lot of them, haha, but that doesn’t mean I’m good with them! He said, “I heard you have a company for kids. Well yes, but that doesn’t mean I am playing with kids all day- no, I am playing with play dough and slime all day, but it feels like a job most days- not play.

So I need to change that. I used to get jealous of my family that looked like they played a lot. I only worked a lot. I am very driven so my form of play was going out to dinner on a Friday night without the kids. That could be but, is there more? I always thought there was and now as I look into it, yes play is essential. And FUN! I want to learn how to play better or more often or whatever this is for others, and I want to be curious and find out what it means and how adults play and what they have passion for. So teach me and let me know how you play or how you get into the fun zone?