how to make a daily kitchen chore list

I have people ask me how I do things in my house. They all seem so normal to me, but some people really get a kick out of it. SO have at it! This is how we do…

Daily Kitchen Chore List – October

Melissa – Dining table

Jessica – Island countertop

Rachelle – Unload dishwasher

Nate- Floor

Amy- Side countertops

Madie – Microwave and Stovetop

We change these each month. I have been doing this for years- as long as I can remember. In my old life- #2, they had to do it at 5:30 pm each day. That was when all the kiddos were little and they were all home and Jay would be home at 6:00 and wanted the house spotless. Now I’m lucky if one kid is home at 5:30, so they can do it whenever they want, preferably before bed, so we don’t have to wake the sleeping zombies.

Natalie said, “The most fun it ever got was switching 5:30 jobs every month… haha.”

Oh, I am in charge of the dishes. I should have them help me, but I’ll go up against that monster when I have more energy.I also do most of the cooking, but I LOVE cooking. The kids like to help cook because they see I love it, so they think maybe this is fun. I tried to show them the cleaning was fun, but it didn’t work.

There you have it, how I try to have a tiny bit of cleanliness in the most used area of our home.

Hey Rachelle, Can I take your picture unloading the dishwasher? Haha, it worked- she did it!

Rachelle Unloading Dishwasher

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