I am at peace

Wow I woke up with this great feeling of contentment. I’m not sure I have felt this way before? No, I don’t think so- not in the way I feel peace now. My heart feels healed and that has been a long time coming! I also know that things will keep coming along that are hard, but that’s ok. Now I know that i can do hard things.

Today I can look back on my life and see things more clearly now. I was wondering where did this all begin when I didn’t feel at peace within?

I think it goes all the way back to not listening to my gut. Yes, way back in high school is when I first heard the promptings to do something and I didn’t. I had been pretty good at listening to my intuition before, but now when I was in a relationship with a guy that liked me, it wasn’t so easy to follow through on what I was feeling. I also didn’t know, with all the voices I was hearing, which voice to listen to?

I have learned to listen to my intuition better and that’s the way I am at peace.