I am made out of titanium

December 13, 2008

Sunday morning was the best because my Dad and Mom had my kids sleep over the night before so I got to sleep in!! The Christmas songs are hard to hear and in Relief Society, I had a hard time. Thanks, Tiff and Ali for always being there for me 🙂
Jeremy is into muscles and working out lately, so he was feeling my muscles and said the nicest thing he has ever said to me — “Mom, you are a toothpick but not made out of wood, you are made out of titanium!” That was cute and my new mantra- I am made out of titanium. I am working out like crazy so maybe I am getting stronger?!
I only had to work Monday and Tuesday and now we are done for the year! Jeff and Karol’s baby is due any day so we are taking some time off. December is usually our slowest month because everyone has their inventory for the Christmas season by November.
I appreciate Cynthia Lloyd so much! One of my biggest concerns, when Jay died, was how I was going to help Melissa with her homework and teach her how to read. Melissa is so cute and has such a strong personality that she has a select few that she listens to! Cynthia, Emily, and Jay. Jay would help her with homework when he could and I was wondering how I was going to do it all by myself. She is the youngest in her class and wasn’t getting it. Cynthia is one of my best friends and is a reading specialist at Melissa’s school and has come over every week to help Melissa with her homework and reading and she has got it!! Amazing Cynthia – you’re awesome! Melissa is loving picking up boxes or anything and trying to read them! Thank you Thank you Thank you! One more incredible blessing was brought to me by an angel.
My life coach, who is also a Cynthia, is another angel in my life. We are talking lately about how to help my kids deal with this tragedy. Each of them are dealing with this differently and so am I. It is hard for me to see how to help them and it is nice to have someone looking from the outside and helping me inside.
Tuesday I went to the Bluff Ward Enrichment because Doug, my good friend and next-door neighbor on Hidden Valley Road lost his wife this year also and spoke about the angels among us. We both have so many! Thursday I went to our ward’s enrichment and love being with all of my friends.
Friday was fun because my sister-in-law, Tami who can do everything– taught me, Summer, and Diane, how to make chocolate sandwiches. That night my usual date night with Cyndi – Oh my gosh I have a lot of Cynthia’s that mean everything to me!! anyway, we took Natalie and Jeremy to dinner with us and then went shopping at the mall. Cyndi and I are not big mall shoppers, so we made it quick!! My sweet parents took my 3 girls again and it was nice to spend time with the older kids! Saturday was spent cleaning and then with Bussells and Brett.
Jeremy just asked me why he has to unload the dishwasher every day. I asked him why I have to do everything but unload the dishwasher every day.
Weird things that happened this week – Census Bureau picked me to fill out their papers this year. Of course, they did! I had to check the widow box again and not include Jay or Riley in anything. A guy at the gym that I talk to all the time asked me if my husband’s business was being affected by the recession. I told him that he had passed away and I couldn’t believe all of this time he didn’t know. Tiffany sat there and watched as I had to explain everything. She told me later she wished she could have taken me out of that situation and said I could write a book on the weird moments that happen to me. I canceled Jay’s cell phone number and I haven’t wanted to do that. It is nice for family and friends to call and hear his voice. Costco sent a renewal to Jay and the opening sentence was, “we don’t want to say goodbye!!!” I didn’t want to say goodbye either. Things like this keep happening and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I guess both.