I believe in blending miracles

I believe in miracles. About 6 months after my husband died my kids told me about friends they had in their school classes that they wanted to hang out with because they were also going through loss. They had lost their mom to cancer. I knew exactly who they were talking about because I had known their mom and where they lived, but I had never met their dad. One day while driving past their home on the way to school, I saw their dad on his driveway so I stopped to introduce myself. He had also heard of the kid’s plan so we decided we would get together. We all had a blast and I probably enjoyed it more than the kids even did because I found a friend- one who knew what I was going through and that was incredibly hard to find. We started hanging out more and more often. On Valentines Day I realized that I was falling in love with this man. Matt was kind, patient, funny, and handsome, and brought out the best in me. We were married 090909. The happiest day of my life. Blending coming up…

The first year everyone had fun and tiptoed around issues and we all just play nice. There were lots of raw emotions, but all of us knew how that felt, so we had a comradery. The next year everyone brought their guard down and the kids started acting like siblings instead of friends from school. Matt and I had no idea how to do this and just tried the best we knew how for years.


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