I get knocked down but I get Up Again

I heard this song the other day. “I get knocked down but I get up again.” Sometimes it feels like that is just how life is. It happens in many areas of our life too- like emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial.

We all get knocked down- it’s a part of life. Just like when we were learning to walk we fell down or got knocked down all the time. But we didn’t give up, our parents didn’t think, “Well he will probably never walk now that he has fallen” No! We got up automatically and tired and tried.

So what happened to make us think that now when we fall, we should just stay down? No! Get up and try again.

Failing is probably not what we called it when we fell when we were one year old, so why do we think failing (or falling down) now is a bad thing? It’s all experience and it’s all worth it.

So get back up again, my friend. We are all in this together and we need you!