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Oct 11, 2008
Each week is getting better! But I am still not getting any sleep. I don’t know why – I just can’t. Who needs sleep!! My parents are gone for 2 weeks and Jay’s are gone this week, so I had to count on others like Jay’s brother, Donny. He came over and did a bunch of honey-dos for me. People in our neighborhood have been so generous to bring us meals and on the days that there was nobody set up to bring me dinner this week, friends showed up with dinner. It helps me so much! We had FHE at the Vosti’s house this week, too.
It was my turn for a breakdown this week for about 3 hours on Wednesday. Oh and some other small ones, too! I can’t even remember what triggered it. It could be a song on the radio, seeing a place we used to go to, or oh, ya – it could be writing all of these memories down! One of the breakdowns was when Natalie’s date came and picked her up for homecoming. I took their picture and helped put on his boutonniere (who made up that word?!) and told Nati to have fun and not do anything I wouldn’t do. Of course, she told him that meant it was wide open, now! When they left I cried because Jay always liked to be there when Natalie’s dates came to give them a hard time! “Be good to my princess and have her home by 10!!” 🙂
I tell people I am on a roller coaster ride in the Twilight Zone. I really think I am! I can honestly say the last 10 weeks were the worst 10 weeks of my whole life! And I thought the last 10 weeks of pregnancy were bad!!
Jeremy was hard this week and lost his phone twice for 24 hours. I went to the gym for 2-3 hours each day and that seems to help. Some cute girls in my ward say they want to be on the Marcie diet. They are surprised that I don’t have many treats in my house and surprised that I told our ward and friends that when people bring us dinner they don’t need to bring dessert. So I don’t have a diet! -Just don’t buy it! This is your health tip for the week, girls- Don’t buy your Halloween candy until a couple of days before Halloween, then you won’t be tempted to eat it! Or just buy pencils 🙂
Funny things the kids said this week – Rachelle asked me if I was a teacher would I be Miss Adamson now? And I like to dress up for Halloween, so Jeremy said I should be a black widow. I laughed because I couldn’t believe he actually said that! I finally washed my sheets and Jay’s towels today. That was hard, but it was about time! And I have moved over to Jay’s side of the bed. He was on the side by the door so if one of our children came in, they would wake him instead of me. Now I feel like I am the protector of our home and have moved into his place.
Amy says she doesn’t like my last name as Clooney. She thinks it sounds weird. I think it sounds great!

Joe and Julianne said…
Marcie! I love to check your blog. Thanks for sharing all your stories and feelings. Also, love the emails about Riley.