I learned from the book of ruth

I had an amazing experience just 9 months after my husband died. While on my knees praying desperately for help from my Father in Heaven, I heard the words STAND UP AND LIVE. I felt He also said to stand up, wipe the dirt off your knees (literally I did), breathe in deep and LIVE. Happily.

Sometimes that may be easier said then done. I looked in the scriptures for examples of how to do this. I have a deep love for the story about Naomi in the Old Testament. She never gave up. This story touches me to the core because about a month before Jay passed away I did a crazy thing- I don’t think I would suggest it! I was praying for an answer because I felt so sad. I rarely get low, but I was at this point in my life where things just didn’t feel right. So I said to myself, “I am going to open the scriptures, point to one, and it will be my answer.” I did it and this is where my finger landed.

Ruth 1:3 And Elimelech Naomi’s husband died; and she was left, and her two sons.

Quickly I slammed my scriptures shut. Luckily that was in bible times, and stuff like that doesn’t happen now. At least to people I know!

A few weeks later my husband died and I was left with two sons and four daughters.

So now what? What did Naomi do?

In the book of Ruth, Naomi is married to Elimelek and he passed away. They had two sons who were married. 10 years later both sons died and Naomi was left with her two daughter- in-laws; Ruth and Orpah. Naomi told the ladies to return to their mothers, so Orpah did. Ruth refused to and stayed with Naomi. The two of them went back to Bethlehem where Elimelek’s relative Boaz lived. Ruth would go into his fields and pick up the left over grains after the reapers. When Boaz heard this he told Ruth he was impressed she had stayed with her moth-in-law and she could work safely in his fields and drink from his water jars. Ruth worked very hard in the fields. After the harvest Naomi suggested that Ruth lie down at the feet of Boaz. When he woke he blessed her for her kindness. Then Boaz purchased the land that was Elimeleks, which meant he acquired Naomi and Ruth. Boaz was now able to marry Ruth. Boaz and Ruth had a son named Obed, who had Jesse, who had David, and from David’s genealogy lines came Jesus Christ.

Pretty cool story isn’t it- Ruth never gave up. She stood up for what she believed in, she was loyal and kind. From her lineage came Christ, the Son of God.

Ruth is one of my heroes. I am going to try to be like her!