I paid a price for this knowledge

Many people go to college and pay a price for that knowledge. You may be one who loves school and keeps getting degrees in different things and paying for that knowledge.

I only had the blessing of going to college for one year. So the rest of my knowledge came from the school of life. I have paid a price for this knowledge- maybe not financially, but emotionally, physically, and mentally. What is great about knowledge is nobody can take it away from you. I am sure I have forgotten a lot of what I have learned and sometimes I have had to re-learn things over and over until I get them right. Some things I may keep learning throughout my entire lifetime.

It is hard to teach or explain to people what you have learned in a few minutes or days. I am sure a doctor could not teach me all he knows about how to do heart surgery unless I could put in years and years of time and attention to that subject.

I love how people are given different passions. Each one of us can study the things we want and hopefully, this world will be a better place because others have learned in different ways. I have no interest in learning how television, radio, or telephone works. I just hope it continues to do so! But I do have a passion for psychology and why people do the things they do. I love learning about healthy lifestyles, play, food, and exercise. I feel I don’t have enough time in this life to get all the knowledge I am seeking into my head. I have read hundreds of books, asked people who are more knowledgeable in these categories, and studied as much as I can.

The one thing that we all have equal in this life is time. We all have 24 hours a day and we all get to choose what to do with our time. It’s a choice. What are you going to choose to do with your time? What knowledge do you want to get? I am grateful for what I have learned and the knowledge I have gained walking and learning in this life. Here’s to hoping it continues for many more years! How have you gained your knowledge?