if you didn't sign up for this what did you sign up for?

I have heard many people say, “I didn’t sign up for this”, or “I didn’t ask for this.” It makes me wonder what everyone thinks they signed up for?

This is what I believe- we knew this life was going to be hard when we wanted to come to this earth. I believe we knew what some of our trials may be here on earth, but we still all came to have experience. So I believe I signed up for ALL of this. The good and the bad. I know I still get to make my own decisions and that may sway the way my life goes, but those are my choices (not what someone else said I signed up for). Things may be uncomfortable, but I don’t believe I would grow or change if there was nothing that pushed me to move forward. I don’t believe we came here just to have it easy. 

I know some of those that say this kind of statement may not believe in a God or universe, so that is harder to think through. But when they say they didn’t ask for this, who did they ask?

When I have learned to take out the victim’s mentality it really helps. It has been very empowering to know that I am responsible for what my life is. I am not just a leaf in the wind blowing around by what someone else decided. This is my life and I’m going to make the best of what comes and I turn everything around to think, everything works FOR me. 

My life is not easy and I don’t believe anyone’s is – if you really get to the bottom of it. But I choose to look at the good, the things that I have learned or the things I have experienced. I am grateful. I am blessed to come down to earth and walk into what I believe I signed up for – life.