I'm grateful for so many things this week

November 22, 2008

I am grateful for my extended family. They are always there for me and were a lot this week! We had extended FHE on Sunday and Jay’s parents gave each one of us a challenge to give a Book of Mormon away before Christmas. That will be fun to watch my kids and all of us do this. Also, my brothers-in-law helped me empty my entire basement, rip out the carpet that was in there and put everything back once my new carpet was in. Thanks, guys!
Tuesday I had weird things come up! I rolled over in bed in the morning to hold Jay and he wasn’t there. For a second I thought all of this never happened. That hurt. I also got a letter from Jeremy’s school that said he was a student of the month and they wanted his parents to come to lunch. Little words like parents never were hard to read before! Brett C. took me to Carrie Underwood and that was fantastic! She sang the song, “Just a dream” and said she hoped nobody could relate. Dang it, I definitely can. I wish I couldn’t. We also went to the temple on Friday with Alex and Julie and saw their friends get sealed and that was really neat. It was a little weird since I am usually with Jay in the sealing room but it was good. That reminds me that on Thursday the cute sealer from the temple called and asked for Jay. I asked who it was and I told him I was so sorry to tell him that Jay had passed away. I thought he would have heard by now since we went each month to do sealings with the High Priest Group but he didn’t know. It was hard to tell him. Also, the mail drives me crazy but I am getting more used to it because every day there is something in there to remind me of Jay. Yesterday it was his Drivers License Renewal Form. Some days I just don’t get the mail because I don’t know what memory it is going to bring out.
Riley is doing so great on his mission and says he is SO grateful to be there!
Thanks to my parents who tended a lot for me this week so I could go to Carrie and also so I could go to my all-day class today. I had to leave really early in the morning to get up Parleys Canyon for a self-defense and weapons class. It was 9 hours and for those that know me, I have a hard time just sitting for an hour! For the last 2 hours, we went to the shooting range and it was my first time. The teacher said I was a dead-eye! He let me use his .22 pistol. I did 10 shots at a target and that was cool then we had 4 times shooting at a metal guy and trying to knock him over. I did it the first try each time and it was hard because one time we had to do it just straight and then we had to raise and shoot and then we had to do right hand only then left hand only. We had 20 people in our class with only a few girls. The teacher told everyone it was my first time and I was kicking all of their pants! One guy yelled out for everyone to stay away from Draper. It was fun, long, and completely freezing but I’m glad I did it. I am getting to try all of these new things that I would have never tried before and I am loving it!
My life coach gave me the challenge to go to dinner by myself. So after my class and the outlets I went to Red Lobster in SLC. I have never gone to dinner by myself. They didn’t quite know what to do with me and tried putting me in the back but I asked if I could be in the main seating area. It was at 6 pm so it was crowded. I thought if I am going to do this I am going to do it right! My rules were I couldn’t use my phone or read so I just sat there and thought. It was actually nice. Weird but nice. I am used to talking to someone, anyone! So if anyone wants a weird challenge – try this!
I’m proud of my 3 little girls wearing their BLUE at my family’s “ALL RED” party to watch the game. They have guts!! And they plan to wear their BYU shirts to Egans tomorrow – Are they crazy with Kip there!? And Rachelle is wearing it to school on Monday- hopefully, Dallin Zarbock will help her fight off the U of U fans !! They might learn a thing or two about rivals!!

I am so grateful this week that we get to remember all of the things we are thankful for. I love being a mom. Since I was little I always wanted to be a mom of a bunch of kids! Even more than 6 sounds great to me! I love having a fun reason to get up each day. I love my work and those I work with. Oh, by the way, they played a trick on me this week which was hilarious because it is usually me playing the tricks, but the new girl from Venezuela who speaks only a little English put a fake mouse in the lunch I had just bought us and when I opened it I was so surprised and yelled! We were laughing all day! I am grateful for the gospel and my friends and extended family. I am grateful for all of the emails, texts, cards, and calls that I still get! When I think about the role I have been most grateful for in my whole life it is the one of being a wife.





Your blog is great. We read it every week and think about you all the time. Love you, David and AnnaLisa


I asked Dallin today about Rachelle’s shirt and he got a big smile! He thought it was really cool! Way to go Rachelle! And let her know that Dallin will always stick up for her AND the Cougars!

I love that you’re taking a self-defense class – that sounds so cool. Zak told me I should do it too (because I’m a total chicken when I’m home alone!)…so maybe I’ll have to join you next time! 🙂


You are so brave to take the challenge and go out to dinner by yourself…. and to do it the right way! and that’s so fun you got to go to carrie underwood! i love her.

the Roberson family said…

I LOVE that you have got a good shot! You are such a beautiful little thing and no one would suspect you to have such a good aim! I heard the concert was really good, I’m glad you got to go. It was great to see you last night (and your cute family). love you. Ali


that’s funny you were the best shooter. go Marcie!


I saw Rachelle in her BYU shirt at school on Monday. I gave her and her friends a big hug and thought how great it was to see her wearing her BYU shirt despite the big loss on Sat. We love BYU whether they win or lose! Go Cougars!!!
I went to Carrie Underwood with my sister -in -laws and when she sang that song I teared up too – Love Ya!