After a close family member or loved one has passed away, some people feel the loved one may be sending them things or feelings to let them know they are still around. Is my loved one sending me signs from heaven? I believe they are.

I have had too many things that just can’t be coincidences and my spirit tells me that my loved ones are still around. I have researched this topic quite a bit and found some interesting things that not just one person has said, but many. Researchers call this after-death communication ADC. When I asked the medium, John Edward, about emotions sent from a loved one, he told me that they only send good. I love that. I have felt my husband who has passed away with me. I have felt other people who have passed away with me. My spirit knows exactly who it is. And I love that it is all GOOD!

Many people have said that certain things happen to remind them of the departed. Usually, it is the same thing, repeated over and over. My friend sees dragonflies in the most interesting places and they remind her of her sister who is no longer here on earth. My husband who passed away called my daughter LADYBUG and when she is sad or needs help she sees ladybugs and she knows he is with her. I have also told her that when she needs a sign he is around to tell him to please send a ladybug. She asked last year in the middle of winter in Utah and there it was- a ladybug on her window. Alive! But they don’t always have to be alive (or can’t be) and she has seen them, after asking, in magazines or online- even when she hasn’t said the word ladybug out loud. She sent me a video of one that had landed on her while in a college class. It works if you ask. Common things are rainbows, birds, butterflies, etc. and we see them usually doing an interesting behavior that catches our eye- like landing on you- that’s not normal to have a butterfly land on me. For some reason, birds are always flying into my new husband who also lost his spouse and many friends. Someone is sending him a bunch of funny birds! It also seems to happen on special occasions like a birthday or anniversaries. Just a little reminder that they are still here watching over us.

lady bug sign of a lost loved one

Mediums and others who have studied this say that metal is one thing those who have passed on can use. So this makes sense why many find pennies or dimes in interesting places. I found a cute item on Etsy to keep those items in. What an amazing idea, Katie!

pennies from heaven

KTsKreations2 Pennies from heaven jar

Once you are open to the fact that they really may send you a sign, ask and they will show you however they can. Some have felt a touch, pulled hair, heard a voice, have a dream/visitation, or smell them or a favorite cologne/ fragrance they love. Or hear a word?! It’s funny as I am researching this I found a book called “Hello from Heaven” by Bill Guggenheim. I haven’t thought of this for years- but my husband Jay and my “word” used for passwords, etc is Charlie Guggenheimer (from a funny story his grandpa told us.) So Jay must be thinking of me while I am writing this blog haha. From reading about Bill’s book, it seems the loved one wants to reassure us that they are ok and it is good to move forward in our own lives.

is my loved one sending me messages from heaven












A book I have loved is called Signs: The secret language of the universe by Laura Lynne Jackson. You could look into that if you want more info on this topic from a Medium’s perspective. I think it’s awesome.

signs book by laura lynne jackson

Loved ones may also use electricity- turning on or off lights, or playing something on the radio station or using a phone to either call or text you. We may think we are going crazy or think we want something so much that we see things everywhere, but I believe these are gifts from the loved ones who have passed away and always want the best for us.

What signs have you seen or felt? Please share with me!