life is like a beautiful mosaic

I saw this picture in my mind the other day. A clear glass vase with no cracks, no blemishes, just pure and clear.

Then I pictured this mosaic vase I have in my home. It used to be clear without blemishes, then some color and dimensions were added. Each of the pieces on here are different and this vase could never be duplicated.

I wondered why I saw this in my mind, then realized it’s like my life. At the beginning of life I was pure, clear, and without character. Then I had experiences that started to color my world. At times I have felt very broken, but I realize I added color and contrast to my mosaic. Each piece made me who I am today. I know it hasn’t been all me that has done this work–I am amazed at how God has healed me- He helped me pick up the shattered pieces and make something of it. I am sure my mosaic is not finished- at least I hope not! I still have a lot of color to add- more life experiences.

Both vases are beautiful. At my home, though, I display the mosaic vase because it represents me and what I am becoming. I like the different colors, I like the varied shapes and I love the way it is pieced together to make something beautiful and whole. It is usable- like I hope my experiences will be for not just me, but others.

Life shows us how to make a beautiful mosaic.Everyone’s is distinct and individual. Full of different dimensions, colors, shapes and design. That’s one thing I love about this world- we are all made beautiful, but have different experiences that change us and color our lives. I wonder what your mosaic looks like?

mosaic vase