Sometimes I find tips that I wish I had known years ago! They are like magic because they save so much time and money! Here are 3 of my favs:

1. Put your brown sugar in the freezer. It doesn’t take long to thaw when needed for recipes, but it doesn’t get hard like it does in your cabinet.  

2. Dawn soap clean so many things in your home. I use it in laundry but have learned I need to be pretty careful not to use too much or the washing machine is full of bubbles! So I put a drop on a stain and rub it around. This works great with oil stains or things like that. It has worked almost every time! I also use it with vinegar to clean my bathroom.

3. I taught my children how to unclog a drain so anytime they need it (college or living on their own) they know how. Well now there are way easier ways to clean a drain and my fav that works almost every time is a snake clog remover tool. I have seen them mostly in orange. It is so much easier because I don’t have to unscrew my shower drain or get under my sink and unscrew the pipes under the sink.

take apart drain hair in draindrain snake

Try it, you’ll like it!