Our family loves fresh fruit cups. They are super easy to make, then grab and go! Here are some tips on how I do this…

grab and go fruit cup | marcielyons.com

I choose out about 10 items that I know we will eat. I have to remember that these will only last about 4-5 days in the fridge, so I don’t want to get too many fruits. I do this enough that I have bought some things before that I keep using in them such as canned peaches (since they’re not in season in the winter) and grapefruit I buy in a large container and they last a long time. You can buy the food in aconvenient way- like the apples I bought were sliced and ready to eat or you could buy whole apples and slice them yourself. I bought cups and lids in bulk so they will last me a LOONG time.

**Tip: Smell or taste each fruit before putting them into the cups (I made this mistake last time when the date on the pomegranate seeds was 10 days away, but they didn’t taste like it!)


grab and go fruit cups | marcielyons.com


I used 11 fruit items this time. It made 20 cups. I use the 12 oz size. The cost per cup was about $1.80. I had some leftover fruit for oatmeal in the morning!

cups and lids for fruit cups

This is my tip to cut fresh oranges. For fruit cups or anything!

Watch this video:

**TIP: I usually put the banana closer to the bottom so the juice keeps the color yellow instead of brown.

I clean out the bottom drawer in my fridge to keep them in. (Wow! this may be the hardest part of the whole thing!)

clean the drawer of the fridge

YEAH! They are ready to share!

make your own grab and go fruit cup | marcielyons.com

Perfect for school lunch, to eat in the car on the way to school/work or an amazing afternoon snack!

make your own grab and go fruitcup | marcielyons.co