10 attributes I want in a dad for my kids









When I was looking for a new dad to be in my children’s lives I had a long list of things I wanted for me and my kids. I didn’t ever think I could find a man who could fit this criteria, but was fine waiting until I did. I created a list so high in the sky, it looked like I was looking for a superhero.

This was my list… Marcie’s MOST WANTED attributes:

PATIENT: Patience for 6 more children. Does anyone in this world have this much over-the-top patience? My dad did, so there has to be some more out there…I’m looking for the world’s most patient man. Even when we have 6 girls all wanting to use the bathroom at the same time.

COUNSELOR: I can either spend thousands of dollars on therapy or marry someone who will talk me through life’s adventures. So this most wanted man will need to spend an hour or two a day counseling ME.

FUN: This man has to be adventurous. Willing to have fun in any situation- the good and the bad. Things such as Disneyland and cleaning the bathroom. Please laugh with me through each day. I hope that one day this superhero and I will decide to get out of bed, and instead of cleaning the toilet, we will drive to Disneyland- just because.

TEACHER: He has to share his knowledge. In many ways, I have been sheltered and some say, “living under a rock” so please lead me, guide me and walk beside me. Then together we will teach our children.

FRIEND: WANTED is a BEST FRIEND. This guy will be my new best friend. He will also be asked to be a friend to my kids. They may not always want a new “Dad”, but will always need a friend. This will probably take a few hours of his time each day as well. I like to go out to dinner on Friday nights, talk on the phone when he’s not by my side and watch sports.

Then there are more attributes if I’m getting really picky- like PROTECTOR, INVOLVED, HANDSOME, COMPASSIONATE and OPEN-MINDED.


How did I ever hit the jackpot? I found my husband, Matt, that fills all of these and much more! Hey, Superman, welcome to my life!

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