my favorite anytime smoothie

I love this in the morning with granola or in the afternoon when I’m craving my 4:00 sugar rush snack!

It’s so easy to make yourself- no need to buy one from a store.

smoothie blender


3 cups of your favorite juice (mango, guava, apple, dragon fruit, etc)

2 cups of your favorite frozen fruits (mango, berries, peaches, etc)

I like to add a banana and/or avocado (frozen or not)

Add more juice or fruit to make it the consistency you like. I like mine thicker to put in a bowl.

*TIP: Each time you make it, try different items -it’s fun and different! Like the dragon fruit makes such a cute pink color.

*TIP: When your berries or bananas or any fruit or veggie that’s good in smoothies are on their last great day of eating fresh, throw them in the freezer and add them to your smoothie the next time you make it!

purple smoothie








It’s so delicious- you’re going to love it.


Printable smoothie recipe:

Marcie’s Smoothie PDF


marcie's smoothie bowl and granola