My heart breaks today because a friend of mine, Lisa Mathews passed away this morning. She is Mitch’s mom, a fighting cancer warrior, a trainer at The Treehouse Athletic Club and an all out, amazing lady. I hope her family finds peace in this incredibly hard time. She is going to be greatly missed. I love her zest for life, how she treated Madie and what an amazing wife, mom, grandma and friend she is. I’m so grateful for the past year that I have gotten to know her better. She is a true inspiration to me and thousands of others and admired for her strength and the sunshine she brings into a room. We have had many really happy, fun times. I know she is not going to be physically present at Mitch and Madie’s wedding in 2 weeks, which is completely heartbreaking but I also know she will be there and will be felt.

Loss always puts a new perspective on life for me. I sit here and think of all of the things that really matter- family and friends. Not things. Not work. Not politics. People matter. Loss helps me bring out that compassion and empathy that sometimes I forget and I realize once again, we are all in this together. Let’s lift one another.

Death also makes me wonder. It crosses my mind why at this time she had to pass, but no time works well to have someone pass. Although all of us will, I can’t think of a good time for that to happen. I do believe in Heavenly Father and His plan and that is the only HOPE I have is that there is some reason and when I get to heaven I will have a better understanding. I haven’t found an answer yet in life, so I’m looking forward to knowing that when I pass myself. People have said they can’t believe God would do this and for me, I choose to believe He didn’t. I choose to believe my loving Father in Heaven lets us live in this world and all of it’s many facets.

I know many of you may know Lisa and feel sadness at this time as well. I wish you all peace. May we all remember what truly matters to each of us and to tell those you love how much they mean to you and hug them a little tighter today.

xoxo Lisa. You’ll always be in my heart.


I am reposting some of my other blogs on what to say and not to say to the family, gifts that were awesome for my family when my husband passed, why I think the saying “God won’t give you more than you can handle” isn’t true and others that you may find beneficial.