astand up

Like the message says- it takes a tribe to raise someone, I believe it because I have seen it in my very own life. I have learned that when I need something I cannot do it alone and I need my team.

I was telling my daughter that I feel like I have a team surrounding me here on earth, friends and family I have been given to help me throughout my life. Every single friend is so important. I have certain people I go to with different things: Jen for woman-owned business info, Becky for spiritual questions, Monet for psychology questions, Matt my teddy bear who listens for hours, Jeri for ideas on raising kids, Cyndi who makes me laugh so hard I cry, Anjee to lift me, Laura to physically motivate me, my mom who is my google, etc.

I can motivate myself pretty well. At least I thought it was me, but I think there’s another team on the other side that helps me, too. Let me explain. Once in a while something happens and I notice my immediate thought is, “I can’t do this.” At work when it’s a day I have to lift thousands of pounds, or at the gym when I don’t want to do 5 more minutes of anything or getting up in the morning after a terrible night’s sleep, that’s when I hear words that I don’t think are mine- “Come on- you can do this, Marc.” Then I do.

I think I have a couple of warriors up there, well a team, fighting for me, motivating me to do my best. When my earthly team is not available, my heavenly team is always there. A couple of times I have felt it very strongly that I think back to it and remind myself I have help in every way I need. One time was just before Jay’s funeral. I was getting ready for the funeral, looking in the mirror, and said out loud. “I can’t believe I am going to my husband’s funeral. I just turned 40. This can’t be happening.” I felt the words so strongly it seemed they were out loud and shook me, “You can do this, Marc.” I thought, “Yes I can” and walked out. I didn’t give myself a second to think I couldn’t.

Boxing training

The one I remember most was in 2009, about 9 months after Jay died and I was in Guatemala for a humanitarian mission. I felt like I had been in a boxing ring for the past 9 months! Gosh, this was a really tough time in every area of my life- physically, spiritually, and mentally. It was really good to get away from it all, but my team wasn’t there to support me in any way, mostly my new best friend Matt. I could not use my phone or the internet. My daughter was there with me, but I didn’t want to burden her any more than she already had on her shoulders trying to be the mom when I wasn’t. So I did the only thing I could think of doing- go to the bathroom where I could be alone to fall apart!I could feel the tears coming as I walked to find the restroom. When I found it, I immediately fell to my knees and prayed. I was completely broken. This was the bottom. I had never felt this low in all of my life. I felt my Heavenly Father patiently listening to me as I poured out my heart. At the end of my prayer, I said I would do whatever I needed to do. Just tell me. His simple words came to me “STAND UP AND LIVE.” I also felt my team, my warriors from above were there. It was like I had been knocked out in the ring, laying there while the ref counted to 10 and having my team yelling from the side “Get up! Stand up, Marc! Get up!!!” I stood up and thought I WILL Stand Up and Live.

It’s been easier said than done, that’s for sure. I am reminded by my team on and off the earth that when I fall or am knocked down again, I have to keep going. I have to stand up. I thank so many of you who have helped me fight on- texts, kind words or comments on my posts, phone calls, and just GOOD VIBES. Again and again, I will STAND UP.

I will train every day to stand up. Stand up and LIVE!

Who is on your team?