notify these people when your loved one passes away

Notify these people/ companies when your spouse or loved one passes away:

  • Social Security Administration- offers survivors benefits. Please contact them and make an appointment ASAP. They will not pay for previous months. They also put the deceased on the Social Security Master Death Index to avoid fraud.
  • Employer of the deceased. Check benefits.
  • Life Insurance company
  • Health Insurance
  • Other insurance- Auto, Homeowners, etc.
  • Credit card companies
  • Utility companies- transfer to the name of the surviving spouse
  • Post Office so the deceased mail can go to the executor of the estate or trusted family member.
  • Mortgage Company
  • Bank
  • Driver’s License Division
  • Creditors
  • Direct Marketing Association (avoid fraud – the deceased will not get pre-approved offers or credit solicitors)
  • Cancel subscriptions and memberships

Please be aware that each company AND each state have different rules and obligations. Check with each company instead of listening to others’ advice- it may be completely different in your situation or county/state. This is a time when you really have to do your homework and research. It takes a ton of time but may save you a bunch of money and time in the long run. Ok, GO! You can do this! **Start with Social Security- each day you wait can cost you money in survivor benefits and the appointments are usually a couple of weeks out.