unsubscribe from the drama

Do you feel there is so much drama out there with everyone and everything? Stress is high and so much negativity in the world.

Please let me unsubscribe from the drama!

I have figured out how I can.

  1. I start with meditation which helps me to not think about the past or the future. It’s all about RIGHT NOW.
  2. If something happens that stresses me out I notice it and am aware. I have learned by watching myself what I do that works to get me out of a stressful situation. Like deep breathing. Sounds silly but it works for me. If my breath is calm, my body calms.
  3. I can only change what I can control. Just knowing this helps me a lot- I won’t complain about things I either can’t change or am not willing to put an effort into changing (politics for me.)
  4. I can take out all the toxic relationships in my life. Pray for them and let them go.
  5. I can delete anything on social media that doesn’t lift me. If it makes me feel less than- DELETE. If it makes me feel sad, angry, sick- DELETE.
  6. I don’t watch the news. It makes me depressed or worried so I don’t add it in my day.
  7. Go into positive mode. I can look for ways to make other people’s day. Really easy things like being considerate on the road- let people in front of me that are trying to get on the road. Waving when people let me in, etc.
  8. I can lift people at work- tell people what they are doing that’s helpful and positive.
  9. Give compliments freely- to strangers and to my family.
  10. Learning to worry more about what my gut says than what others say.

Click UNSUBSCRIBE on anything in your life that is not doing your body and soul good.