putting a price on human life

A thought popped into my head the other day- What is the value of one life? I don’t think I could put a dollar value on human life, but after doing a little research, I found that experts have.

Because of accidents and all kinds of unfortunate events, the justice system and other agencies had to put a value on life. The more I got into this, the more complex it got with wages, behavior, age, health, etc. I’m glad I’m not the one who has to put a dollar amount on a life! So I’m just sticking to the dollar value these 8 experts have put on life…

*The international standard most health insurance plans use is $50,000 per year of quality life. This helps in their decision if a medical procedure should be done.

*The Stanford School of Business came up with$129,000 per year of quality life based on kidney dialysis procedures.

*The Nuclear Regulatory Commission assigns a value of $3 million to the loss of a human life.

*Scientist have added up how much your body organs and parts are worth and come up with over $6 million dollars. YES, YOU ARE A 6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN! (or woman)

*The Food and Drug Administration put a price on life at $7.9 million.

*The Environmental Protection Agency puts the value of human life at$9.1 million.

*Professor Viscusi from Vanderbilt University says the dollar value of your life is9.1 million.

*The Transportation Department determined the value of life at $9.4 million.

So there you have it–putting a price on humanlife. Experts think you are worth $7-$9 million dollars.

Thank goodness our American Justice System considers human life aspriceless. That makes buying a person illegal- a human can’t be bought for any price. If you take a life, you sit in prison for the rest of yours because nobody has enough money to buy that life back.No amount of gold, property, oil, diamonds, money, or anything that exists can substitute life. Even if a person has life insurance it will never repay for his life- that is indemnity- a sum of money paid for compensation.

I believe that you have more than money can buy just in your very life! Whether you are poor or rich monetarily, you are still worth more than the almighty dollar can buy.Those of you who think you may be worth more dead than alive or your life isn’t worth living, re-think this… even the justice department agrees, putting a price on human life–YOU ARE PRICELESS!

you are priceless