sous vide ribs

Ribs are one of my favorite things to order at a restaurant. But NOW I can make them just as tender and yummy at home with my new Sous Vide Precision Cooker! I have never tasted better ribs IN ALL OF MY LIFE!! They take a long time in the Sous Vide, but without much effort.

If you haven’t seen what one looks like – it’s like a huge thermometer. It is made by Anova.

sous vide precision cooker

The thing that makes the Sous Vide awesome is you can cook your meat at a consistently low temperature. There are no hot or cold spots and the food never overcooks- it is the most tender meat you will ever have. It works with any pot. You can use ziplock bags for the meat.


Pork Loin Back Ribs– not pre-seasoned. At Sam’s or Costco, 3 full racks come in one package. I cut each rack in half so they fit in a bag better.

Prepare a Sous Vide container with water up to up least the minimum watermark on the Sous Vide Cooker.

Apply BOBBY FLAY’S RIB RUB to ribs- For 3 full racks, I use 1/2 of this recipe. ( I found all of these ingredients at Harmons)

1 TBSP cumin

1 TBSP paprika

1 TBSP granulated garlic

1 TBSP granulated onion

1 TBSP chili powder

1 TBSP brown sugar

2 TBSP kosher salt

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp white pepper

MIX WELL Store in an airtight container

. * PRINTABLE: BOBBY FLAY’s RIB RUB RECIPE at bottom of the blog

Add a dash of liquid smoke to the bag.

Seal ribs in plastic- either by slowly putting the ziplock bag into the water and zipping when the air is out or using a vacuum sealer machine. Be careful not to let any water into the meat bag. You will not open the bags again until they are ready to grill. (Check the water level every 12 hours to make sure the water hasn’t evaporated. If it has, add hot water and the cooker will get the water back to the right temperature automatically.)

Set the temperature for ribs at 145 degrees. They will be cooking for 32-40 hours. I usually start mine at midnight before bed 2 days before we are BBQ’ing them for dinner.

Turn on the precision cooker. The cooker starts circulating the water and will heat it up to 145. You can set a timer on your phone app from ANOVA.

Ribs will release gas as they heat up so the bags will float. They need to stay under the water completely so I put a plate over the top of them.

After they are cooked take the bags from the water with tongs. It will be hot.

Take the ribs out of the bag and pat dry with a paper towel. sprinkle with more rib rub if needed.

Heat the grill to high.

Put the ribs on the grill.

Paint sauce on ribs while on the grill. (Watch for flare-ups because the sauce can burn easy since it has sugar in it.)

RECIPE for yummy BBQ Sauce

Bottle of BBQ sauce. I like Sweet Baby Rays but anything will do I’m sure

1/2 cup brown sugar

Worcestershire sauce to taste ( 1 TBSP +)

Some Rib Rub

Ribs don’t have to cook longer on each side- maybe 10 minutes each. They are done when the ribs have a good crisp bark


The more I used the sous vide, the more items I bought to make it easier.I bought a plastic container that looks like a storage bin and the lid has a hole in it the fits the Sous Vide perfectly. The one I bought quite expensive- so please realize you can use any kind of container. I also bought a sealing machine. I will link all often on the bottom so you can get a feel for what I have found useful.


***Sous Vide Precision Cooker

sous vide precision cooker


***Container- I bought the huge one since I have a massive family. They come in all sizes. The thing I do like about this size (even though it’s big to store) is I can also put the SousVide Machine inside it when storing. There are also other companies that offer containers.

sous vide lid for container 26 quart


***Lid- You will notice it has a cut out for the Sous Vide

sous vide lid for 26 qt container


***FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

foodsaver sealing machine



bobby flay's Rib Rub Recipe