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It’s the time of year when strawberries are on sale, so go get some and I will show you how you and your kids can make strawberry jam in 30 minutes.You will only need 3 ingredients.

I decided to make 9 batches yesterday. This is what I did…

I bought 16 of the 16oz strawberry jam containers. They were on sale for $.99 each.

I needed about 15 lbs of sugar.

I used 9 boxes of the sure-jell lite pectin. It’s in the pink box. You use less sugar in this lite recipe, but you’ll never believe it because it tastes amazing!

1. Wash your strawberries, take off the stem and let them dry on a towel. (Excess water will mess up the recipe)

wash strawberriesstem on strawberries

2. Mix 1/4 cup sugar and the package of Sure-Jell lite in a small bowl.

making strawberry jam

3. I use the grater on my Kitchenetics to smash them. You can use a hand masher or any other grater or machine. Grate 4 cups of strawberries.

4. Combine the sugar/Sure-Jell lite mixture and 4 cups strawberries.

5. Let sit for 30 minutes.

6. Mix in 3 more cups of sugar. Blend well.

sugar strawberry jam

7. Pour into Containers.

8. Let sit on counter for 24 hours then put in freezer until use.

strawberry jam in containers

Each batch makes about 6 cups of jam.

I made 24 containers with the 9 batches (16 containers of strawberries) in just a couple of hours.


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