thank you for the music

ABBA has always been a family favorite. Once a year a band comes to town that plays ABBA music and I love it. It’s especially cool since Riley went to Sweden for two years and I have been there and have seen where the music comes from!

This year Matt and I went to the concert and I was a little emotional. That sounds funny because I cry over furniture commercials, so of course I’m going to get emotional over music. Isn’t it interesting how music can do so much to your feelings- it can instantly make me sad, happy, excited or feel like I can do anything like leap over a building in a single bound!

The last song touched me and brought me back to think, “Who taught me to love music?” My dad. He still loves to sing and I love to listen. The past few years I have learned how to be grateful for the little things each day and when I heard this song it rang so true- what would we do without music? I’m so grateful that people are incredibly talented and share their gift with the world. WOW~ thejoy it brings!

So I say, thank you for the music, for giving it to me!