The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli

Many of us have challenges, things that hold us back. I am encouraged when I read about someone who has had difficult things happen to them but goes over and beyond to be the best they can be. And then blesses the world with their talent. I just found one today…

One of my favorite songs I listen to all the time is The Prayer. This song means a lot to me because it is a prayer asking to be watched over from above. Today I looked it up on Youtube and watched Andrea Bocelli and Katharine McPhee sing it. WOW! I usually listen to the video instead of watching it while I am writing, but today I watched it and thought, could Andrea possibly be blind? He rarely opens his eyes. Of course, I googled it and yes, he is. No way! Then I read on and his parents were advised to abort him in 1958 because he was going to be born with complications. Thank goodness they didn’t because we are blessed with one of the most spectacular singers of all time. Think of how his ONE life has made such a difference! Thank you Andrea for giving life your all.

Andrea was born with congenital glaucoma and only had 10% sight in one eye. Then at age 12 he was hit in the other eye while playing soccer at school and was blinded. He does not consider himself handicapped or has a disability. Because of blindness is other senses, such as hearing, have been heightened. Oh, definitely. His voice is incredible! One person wrote how he can tell how far a wall is from him by clicking his fingers. Gosh, I probably run into more walls than he does and my eyes are open! He didn’t even start singing professionally until he was 34 years old. When I read about him I realized how much courage he has. He became a lawyer and rides horses, bikes, and even skates. I was mesmerized by his voice for years and now I am even more impressed.¬†Thank You To Andrea Bocelli’s Parents Who Said NO To Abortion.

What challenges do you face and what can you do to push yourself through them? You can do this!


Andrea Bocelli and Katharine Mcphee (she is awesome as well!)

I pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch us where we go
And help us to be wise in times when we don’t know
Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way
Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace
to a place where we’ll be safe

La luce che tu dai I pray we’ll find your light
Nel cuore restera And hold it in our hearts
A ricordarci che When stars go out each night
L’eterna stella sei.

Nella mia preghiera Let this be our prayer
Quanta fede c’e When shadows fill our day
Lead us to a place Guide us with your grace

To a place wherewe’ll be safe.

Sogniamo un mondo senza piu violenza
Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
Ognuno dia una mano al suo vicino
Simbolo di pace di fraternita

La forza che ci dai We ask that life be kind
E il desiderio che And watch us from above
Ognuno trovi amor We hope each soul will find
Intorno e dentro se Another soul to love
Let this be our prayer Let this be our prayer
Just like every child Just like every child

Needs to find a place, guide us with your grace

Give us faith so we’ll be safe
E la fede che hai acceso in noi
Sento che ci salverai

andrea bocelli and katharine mcphee the prayer