roller coaster ride

Have you ever been on the ride MANTA at Sea World San Diego? A few years ago our kids were waiting patiently for this ride to open. We were there opening week. The ride, much like any roller coaster ride, felt like my life story!

Waiting in line forever must be how I felt before I came to earth- I can’t wait for this experience! We walk through the line trying to catch a glimpse of what is coming. It is beautiful walking through sections where you can see underwater. I can see people getting off the ride and they look like they had a great time and many of them say, I want to do that again and want to get back in line. I’m getting anxious.

After waiting forever I can see it is almost our turn. My heart starts to beat faster as I see the coaster pulling up beside me. Most of my family jump on this coaster, though our family is so large that some are on the coaster that left before ours, and some are behind me waiting for the next coaster.

Watch your step! I get on the coaster and listen to the warnings. If you have any articles that can be lost while on the ride, please leave them behind- you won’t need them now. Make sure your seat belt is on tight. Keep your arms and legs inside at all times. A nice lady comes by to make sure everything is fastened correctly, like a little angel, so I will be safe. Everyone is clapping as we leave. Let’s go!

The coaster slowly glides down the track into a tunnel. It is completely black, then it looks as if we are underwater. There is soft music playing as I watch Manta Rays swim by. This seems like a sweet place.

Suddenly the music gets louder and stronger. I can feel the beat of the music through my bones. My heart starts to race because it feels like something big is going to happen. Oh, no. What did I get myself into? The coaster slows down and backs up, then the dark panel at the end of the tunnel quickly lifts, and the coaster shoots out of the tunnel. Wow, I can barely catch my breath. I’m not sure I like this.

The ride takes us on our first turn, then many twists and turns. It’s full of ups and downs. I didn’t see this coming! There is a long smooth stretch with just a few twists- oh I like this. Then the coaster slows down, ahhh… but the ride of my life is not over yet… here it comes and it shoots us forward with a huge burst of energy into another section of ups and downs. It makes my stomach leap and feel sick in some portions, then in some places, I feel like I can fly. I love looking next to me and seeing my husband right beside me. He, too, is on the ride of his life and holding, looking ahead to what may come next. We are soaring, then the next thing I know we are diving! I can hear my kids laughing and screaming behind me.

It doesn’t seem like very long and the coaster slows down. It looks like the end is coming near. Wow in some ways I can’t wait to get off this thing, but I kinda want to do this again. No- I think I’ve had enough. I stagger off the ride and see some of my family who was waiting for us, “How did you like it? Was it fun?” I’m still trying to get my balance! We wait a few minutes for the rest of our family to get off and watch their smiling faces. “That was crazy!’ I can see other people off the side walking around in their own world with their families. My husband and I watch to make sure everyone makes it back safely and hug each one of them. Now that was a ride of a lifetime- much like my ride of a LIFETIME!


This pic is from another adventure- Magic Mountain, Valencia California April 2015